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Carpet & Chair Shampooing


Prior to cleaning your carpets, we carry out a full inspection of the carpet, checking the fibres, backing and noting any insignificant problems with the carpet.

Dry Soil Extraction

We pre-vacuum all areas of the carpet. This is a very important part of our cleaning process and it’s not to be overlooked.

Why is it important – using a commercial vacuum cleaner can remove up to 80% of dry soiling. A professional dry soil extraction at the start will enable a superior deep clean and outstanding result.

Unique Pre-Stain Treatment

We treat all stains beforehand to ensure complete removal of all the stains that are treatable.

Specialist Pre-Spray

We use Taski TR101 cleaning solution that breaks down all the dirt particles and kills all those nasties in your carpet like virus’ and bacteria.

We pre-spray all areas of the carpet to ensure complete coverage.

Pre-Grooming (Agitation)

This is also a very important step in our cleaning process. What does agitation mean? Well, we use a machine that brushes the solution into all the carpet fibres, loosening all the dirt and nasties and breaking them down so they are ready for the next step.

Rinse and Extraction

Our Single Disc Scrubbing machine rinses the carpet with water and at the same times its extracts all this moisture and dirt back up into the machine and out of your carpet.

Our machine extracts 95% of moisture from your carpet leaving them beautifully clean, fresh and fluffy and dry in 2 – 4 hours.

Final Inspection

We inspect the carpet in great detail with you and ensure that you are 100% completely happy with the results.

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