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Special Disinfection / Sanitization Service to tackle Corona Virus

In the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we all want to keep our family and society safe. Taking protective measures like washing hands and keeping social distance are crucial. However, when we have to go outside for inevitable reasons, it is important for us to be safe & protected. Therefore, it is vital to add an extra layer of safety to keep our homes as well as the neighbourhood sanitized.
In order to ensure your well-being & to keep the society free from bacteria/ viruses; our team at FS Corporate Services – Mumbai, has crafted a robust Sanitization/ Disinfection Treatment.

Why should you go for Disinfection and how often?

  • To prevent ourselves from the risk of getting infected from Corona (Covid-19) or any other viral diseases, as the viruses can survive on different surfaces for various lengths of time.
  • It is advised to carry out the treatment depending upon the number of visitors, the number of people living in the house/ society, whether if there are people working in high-risk areas, if anyone around is unwell, etc.
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